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Lapak Cable Gland (Jawa Barat, Indonesia) was established in Jakarta on May, 2009 to accommodate the need or any enquiries of Explosion Proof Cable Gland, Ex-proof Junction Box, Instrumentation, Electrical and Mechanical products in the process industries, telecommunication & building projects.

With highly long time experience peoples involved and focus on the high quality products, we will give the best result for customers.


Kami lapak Cable Gland adalah Agen tunggal terkemuka dan terpercaya di indonesia dan telah menawarkan berbagai produk kami keseluruh indonesia, adapun Produk produk kami antara lain adalah. 

 • PEPPERL+ FUCHS : IS Barrier, Surge Arrester, Purging System, Signal Conditioner, Sensor, etc. ( Germany) 
 • PEPPERL+ FUCHS WALSALL : Ex-Proof Junction Box, Ex-proof LCS, Ex-proof Cable Gland, etc. ( Germany) 
 • CMP : Ex-proof & Industrial Cable Gland ( UK) 
 • HAWKE : Ex-proof & Industrial Cable Gland ( UK) 
 • BALIGA : Ex-proof & Industrial Cable Gland ( India) 
 • STAHL : Ex-proof Junction Box, LCS, etc.( Germany)
 • DELTA : Ex-proof 24VDC Power Supply ( Thailand) 
 • AMPHENOL : Ex-proof Connectors ( US) 
 • MTL : IS Barrier, Surge Arrester, etc. ( UK)
 • BEKA : Instrumentation Indicator Display ( UK) 
 • SWAGELOK : Instrument Fitting ( USA) 
 • EXCELOK : Instrument Fitting & Manifold, Orifice Plate, Level Gauge ( Singapore) 
 • TRAYTEK : Cable Tray & Box ( Indonesia) 
 • ROSEMOUNT FISHER : Transmitter & Control Valve ( US)
 • YOKOGAWA : Field Instrument ( Jepang) 
 • ASHCROFT : Pressure & Temperature Gauge ( US)
 Etc.Jual cable gland di JakartaCilegon Palembang Duri Balikpapan Surabaya



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